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"People keep telling us that these are sardines for people that don't like sardines"...

"Mission Accomplished!" - Jane Black, The Washington Post.

During the 1930's and 40's, Monterey was considered "The Sardine Capitol of the World." John Steinbeck wrote of this time of abundance in his classic tale, Cannery Row. After more than a decade of abundance, the thirteen canneries and the tons of sardines disappeared and were replaced by quaint tourist shops, restaurants and, of course, the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Today, more than 4 million people visit this famous street to experience the flavor of Steinbecks' Cannery Row. 

When Daren Warnick (Founder CRSC) arrived in Monterey, he noticed something was missing from Cannery Row...sardines. On a street where more than 200,000 tons of sardines were canned each year...the absence of sardines didn't seem right. So he formed Cannery Row Sardine Company and began offering the one product that belonged on this famous street...Cannery Row Sardines. He didn't want to carry just any sardine though, he wanted to offer the most delicious tasting filets of sardine he could find...top shelf sardines, not your Grandfather's sardines but rather, one without skin and bones, packed in pure, cold pressed olive oil, which would appeal to American consumers and seafood lovers world-wide! That is what CSRC offers you now... GOURMET, Boneless & Skinless Sardines in Pure Olive Oil. If you like fish then you'll love our sardines!

In addition to their gourmet sardines, CRSC offers a variety of decorative and useful products...all emblazoned with the classic, CRSC logo! We hope you enjoy browsing around our website and encourage you to check back often as we add to our product line. CRSC is committed to offering the finest seafood products and will continue to add to their collection of nostalgic, logo bearing goods.